This kitty cat's becoming a social media celebrity because of one irresistible feature

This furry fluffball certainly has a nose for capturing people's attention. Her unique look has drummed up a veritable feline frenzy across the internet. So what is it that makes this cat so extraordinary?
It might not seem obvious at first, but there is certainly something eye-catching about Posey. Can you guess what it is that draws you to this cute cat? Take a look and see.
Do you find yourself with an unmistakable urge to boop this kitty's nose with your finger? Indeed, Posey's nosey is what makes her so extraordinary and so "boopable."
Posey has a double nose, and it truly is too cute to resist.
Posey's owner Erin Locke has dubbed her cat the “Double Nose Wonder Cat.” Locke has loved having such a unique feline friend so much that when she heard of another double-nosed cat up for adoption, she jumped at the chance to grow her unusual family. Her second cat, Clementine, shares the same rare trait.
The double-nose appearance in these two fur babies is actually caused by a cleft nose. Their abnormal noses are the result of developmental malformation during pregnancy. There can be a wide range of severity to these and other orofacial clefts; some can necessitate surgery, but luckily for these two cuties, their deformities are harmless and merely cause an extra-cute expression on their purrfect faces.
And just because we can't get enough of Posey's posing, here's one more for the road. If you absolutely need more of Posey and Clementine, check out their Instagram accounts @doublenosewondercat and @doublenosewonderkitten.
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