Meet the cool customers lurking inside Hong Kong's shops in this fun photo gallery

Marcel Heijnen, a Dutch photographer and transplant to Hong Kong, is bringing the city's beloved shop cats to life through his captivating photos.
Shop cats were once a common sight in cities across the world, but most modern cities now have regulations against their being kept in shops. However, the culture of shop cats is still alive and well in Hong Kong's storefronts.
Marcel has snapped photographs of shop cats all across the historic city, giving an intimate look at the life of these working cats and the shops they help to protect from rodents.
They are fierce and loyal protectors of their shop's goods.
Stealthily awaiting any would-be intruder.
This little guy even appears to take inventory.
The stoic felines look so proud outside their respective businesses and why shouldn't they be? Their human business partners certainly seem content with their kitty counterparts.
Marcel has created a dedicated Instagram account @chinesewhiskers, to showcase these furry felines of Hong Kong. The images of these hardworking cat companions have become so popular that Marcel has released a book featuring the fastidious felines and they have also been the subject of a pop-up exhibition at the Blue Lotus Gallery in Hong Kong.
The shop cats of Hong Kong are too irresistible to keep to behind a counter. Share these lovable feline companions with your cat-loving friends.

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