Quirky cats turn their bathroom sink into luxurious spas

Cats are well-known for their grooming habits. Felines are fastidious fur cleaners that seem to take pride in their hygiene. Despite their attention to cleanliness, cats are also known to not be the biggest fans of water. And to be fair, why should they be? They are perfectly capable of being clean without the use of water, so there's never any desire there to be submerged or bathed in it.
But some quirky cats defy the unspoken rules of the cat kingdom and actually enjoy water. These “strange” kitties are fascinating for their defiance of convention and because they're downright silly in their forbidden love.

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These odd cats have found their homes in the bathroom sinks of humans all over the world, making them into their very own spa retreats.
This little Scottish fold cat could not be cuter as it reclines in the sink, alternating dunking its head and its paw in the stream of water. You can just sense its utter bliss.
This black and white cat likes to lounge in a puddle of water as the tap runs on its tummy. Although it doesn't appear to enjoy its owner's attempts to “assist.” Please, human, I'm trying to unwind here.
This fully soaked cat seems to end its routine with a flourish: A few pets of the water stream and one more head dunk for luck.
This clever kitty doesn't even need assistance from a human.
These bathing beauties are sure to put a smile on anyone's face, so be sure to share the fun with others.

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