Owners put their cat in the bath. Her reaction is too precious

I don't know about you, but I'm not aware of many cats who enjoy taking baths. Most videos that I've seen involving cats and water depict terrified felines who will do anything they can to avoid bath time. Cats and baths are often an interesting combination. While some cats may tolerate or even enjoy the occasional bath, many felines have an innate aversion to water.
Why are cats aversed to the water?
The sight of a tub filled with warm water can trigger their survival instincts, causing them to resist and protest against the impending wetness. Bathing a cat typically involves carefully maneuvering them into the water, which can be a challenging task on its own.
Once immersed, cats may exhibit a range of reactions, from resigned stillness to frantic attempts at escape. Their fur, usually sleek and clean, becomes temporarily drenched and heavy, altering their usual appearance. Overall, most cats tend to prefer self-grooming over water-based baths, as they are naturally adept at maintaining their own hygiene.
Meet Enix
Enix via YouTube
The video below, however, is the exact opposite. Her name is Enix, and she is perfectly happy in the bath tub; she's keeping herself thoroughly amused by playing with a bottle cap. 
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