Baby crawls up to sleeping mastiff, but this massive dog is anything but ferocious

With the size of a giant and the patience of a saint, 2-year-old Tibetan mastiff Simba proves to be the perfect companion to his active young owner, Weiwei. It's hard to look away from this YouTube video that has received more than 1.8 million views due to its incredible cuteness factor.
According to the American Kennel Club, the Tibetan mastiff breed is "mellow and calm around the house; devoted to family, reserved and territorial with strangers." That description certainly seems to fit this gentle guy and his little girl perfectly.
And while Dog Time gives the breed five out of five stars for its "Affectionate with Family" and "Incredibly Kid Friendly Dogs" categories, the site does urge some caution with the breed in households with children.
Dog Time reports that Tibetan mastiffs can be "tolerant with children in their own families, especially if raised with them," before adding a practical caution that the dogs "can mistake the yelling, screaming, and playing of visiting children as a sign of aggression and often won't allow your child's friends to come visit."
While play dates may require some special attention, right now it looks like Weiwei has discovered a perfect playtime pal right at home with Simba.
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