Tiny filly chases guy around barn – the sound of her little hooves is cuteness overload

When this man takes off running up the barn aisle, he has a tiny horse right on his heels. The little filly in this video is a baby Miniature Horse, and she's as cute as can be, don't you think? The two engage in an adorable game of tag, with the filly following the man up and down the aisle.
Miniature Horses are popular because of their small size yet high degree of usefulness. And, of course, who could resist how cute they are? These small horses stand less than 38" at the withers, and they're truly miniature-sized versions of larger horses.
According to Guide Horse, a Miniature Horse's lifespan is often up to a third longer than a traditional-sized horse's is. Miniature Horses are quite hardy, and require very little food in order to maintain their body condition.
Additionally, Miniature Horses require much less space to live in than an average horse does. Miniature Horses can be kept on small lots, and their stalls don't need to be nearly as large as a normal horse's stall. This means that Miniature Horses are more accessible for people living in more developed areas.
Miniature Horses are so small that they can only be ridden by small children, but they're highly useful in other ways. Miniature Horses make great driving horses. They're also suitable companion animals for traditional-sized horses. There are many shows and classes designed just for minis, and these little horses compete in in-hand, jumping, driving classes, and more.
But Miniature Horses serve another purpose, too. Minis can be trained to serve as guide animals for the blind, as well as for service or therapy animals. These horses are highly trainable and intelligent, and they make great pets, too.
Another major advantage of Minis? They cost less than full-sized horses do. Top-quality show minis may command high prices, but there are many minis available for people with all different budgets.
Want to have a mini of your own in your barn? These little horses are great fun, and their versatility means you can do many different activities with them, including a fun game of tag every now and again.

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