Horse stands behind 1-year-old girl, but this scenario is anything but precarious

There's something about horses that just entrances little kids. The young girl in the video below is no exception. The girl's name is Mira, and she's just 1 year old.
But her horse, Justice, knows his job and is happy to quietly follow this up-and-coming rider. Mira's mother keeps a close eye on the situation, too. Mira seems quite proud of the fact that she's able to lead her horse around all on her own.
Is there anything better than a good horse like Justice? When kids want to be around horses, you need a special kind of horse to help keep them safe. You can't put a price tag on a horse who knows its job and understands that it needs to be quiet, gentle and super patient with young kids. Horses like Justice in the video below are one in a million.
But even if you have the most bomb-proof, kid-safe horse out there, accidents can still happen. Horses are flight animals, in that their reaction to a threat is to run. And if a horse is truly frightened, it will get past anything in its way to save itself. That's instinct.
This is where good, vigilant supervision comes in. According to EquiSearch, your children will learn from your example, so always practice good, safe horse-handling techniques, especially when your child is at the barn with you. Set an example by speaking to your horse when you approach, by leading on the correct side and by touching your horse as you walk around its hind end.
It's a good idea to establish strict rules around the barn, such as the importance of no running. You may want to limit your child to handling horses only in the presence of an adult. Go over these rules and set up consequences for breaking them. A rewards system can also help to encourage your child, particularly a younger child, to follow the rules.
Finally, always pay close attention to your child when he or she is around horses. Your child can't yet anticipate how a situation could end badly with a horse, so it's up to you to be vigilant and to help correct potential dangers before they become an issue.
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