Kitty perches atop horse's back – this is cuteness overload

This little kitten isn't afraid of adventure. In fact, he's right at home on a horse's back and shows no hesitation in playing with this tolerant horse's back. Luckily for this cat, the horse doesn't seem to mind the creature that's climbing all over him.
Cats and horses can get along well. There are many cats who enjoy hanging out on horses' backs, possibly because of the heat that horses give off. And there are many horses who have no issue with a horse climbing up on their backs and settling down.
According to EquiMed, cats can make great companions for horses. Horses are herd animals, so they naturally crave companionship. If a horse isn't kept with other horses, he can get lonely and anxious, and really needs another animal with him to serve as a companion. Cats can replace the presence of another horse.
If your horse will be living in the barn for most of the time, then a cat may make a great companion. Cats often hang out with horses in their stalls, and some cats will rub against the horse's face or curl up on his back.
Another advantage to having a cat in the barn is that you'll also have rodent control covered. A good mousing cat can help to keep rodents out of your feed room, and may even save you money regarding blankets, tack, or saddle pads which mice would have chewed. Mice are also health hazards, so having a good barn cat can help to make your barn healthier overall.
Many cats naturally understand how to stay safe around horses; they instinctively stay away from a horse's hooves and keep a safe distance when you're leading a horse by. If you want to make sure that the cat you get will be a good barn cat, then you may want to look for a cat who is already living in a barn. If barn cats have kittens, barn owners will sometimes offer them up for adoption. The kittens, having been raised by a knowledgeable barn cat, will generally be a better match for life in a barn than a house cat would.
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