Owner tries to coax husky into kennel. The dog's response is hilarious

If you've ever tried to train a stubborn husky (or any dog, for that matter), you know what the owner is feeling right now — but we can't help fighting back giggles! This husky is just too cute, and his whining sounds almost human! He obviously doesn't want to get in his crate, but somehow his howl sounds a little too much like "No!" to be a coincidence. He's not the only Husky to watch, though. Be sure to check out the videos below.
Husky is protesting bath time, causing huge tantrum that's frustrating to Mom
Little baby husky thinks he can talk. Mom just can't keep it in
When Dad asks about the mess on floor, 2 Huskies can't help but point fingers
Dog eyes stuffed Furby. His next move is hysterical
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