Get ready to watch this video on loop: This dog just can't help himself (video)

We don't like to pick favorites around here, but this is probably one of our favorite videos. How can you resist that tiny, fluffy, adorable puppy and his utter enthusiasm and love for getting belly rubs?
You can almost hear him saying, "More! More!" every time his owner pulls her hands away. Too. Stinking. Cute.
Believe it or not, this can actually be counted as puppy exercise! Puppies are just like us, they need exercise to feel good and grow up big and strong. But how much do they need?
Well, according to Animal Planet, it depends on how old they are. They younger they are, the less they will be able to engage in rigorous activity - for this puppy, belly rubs and tug of war is probably plenty. As a rule of thumb, multiply your puppy's age by 5, and play with them that much up to twice per day.
So, if this pup is 2 months old, they should be getting 10 minutes of exercise up to twice per day. Pretty simple!
If you have a corgi, this will come as no surprise, but they're pretty great dogs! (We're not biased - we think that about all dogs). But did you know there are two types of corgis?
There are two distinct breeds, the Pembroke and the Cardigan. But how do you tell the difference?
Dog Time has a nice and easy way to tell: look at the tails! A Pembroke has a docked or short tail, while a Cardigan has a longer tail. Now you know!
Do you have a pup at home that can't get enough playtime, or a corgi that gets up to silly antics like this one? Tell us about it below in the comments! And don't forget to send this adorable video to your family and friends.
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