Little girl falls off saddle, pony reacts oh-so-gently to help her

Horseback riding is always a challenge, and that's what keeps us coming back, right? This little girl was in for quite the surprise when her pony took a jump enthusiastically, and she found herself thrown up on his neck. Luckily for her, the pony knew just what to do, coming to an instant halt and letting the girl slide gently down his neck to the ground. Now that's the kind of pony you want to trust with a young rider!
Horseback riding is full of unexpected events. You can be going along just fine at one moment, and then find yourself on the ground in the next moment. Some horses will do their best to keep you on their backs, while other horses will be more than happy to let you hit the ground. Either way, when you ride horses, you should be prepared for the fact that at some point, you're going to fall off.
Horse and Rider recommends that children wear appropriate safety gear to keep them protected in the saddle. Necessary gear includes boots or shoes with hard toes and with a heel to keep the rider's foot from slipping through the stirrup. Riders should wear a property fitted helmet which meets current safety standards for horseback riding. A safety vest is also a good idea for riders who are jumping, as it protects the chest from impacts and potential punctures.
Falls are never fun, but the best thing that you can do is to try to relax and roll into the fall. Never put your hands out to brace your fall, since it's a good way to break a bone. Some riders even spend time learning how to fall, practicing maneuvers like the emergency dismount to hopefully make falls less damaging.
Hopefully, you don't get hurt when you fall. If you do fall and are uninjured, then it's important to get back in the saddle right away to battle the fear that can set in. If you fall and walk away for a few weeks, it will be incredibly hard to get back up on the horse, since the fear will have had time to take over.
Of course, if you suspect you're injured, you should always go to the hospital. And if you hit your head, definitely get it checked out right away. Concussions can be dangerous, and falling from a horse is certainly forceful enough to cause a concussion.