Try not to cry as this dog says his final goodbye to his owner (video)

This one is pretty heartwrenching - we shed more than a few tears watching it, so just a heads up.
In this viral video, you see the heartbreaking moment when a dog says his final goodbye to his owner before he passes away. It's definitely hard not to tear up; but you may be asking: does the dog really know what's going on?
The answer, it would seem, is yes.
Scientific American says that because of the different bacterias present in our bodies, we can actually smell different - and worse - when we're sick. Not only can humans actually distinguish between the two (or at least unknowingly prefer one person's scent to the other's, without knowing that the first is healthy and the second is sick), dogs can as well. Dogs learn and communicate a lot through smell, so it's unsurprising that they know when we're feeling under the weather.
Believe it or not, dogs actually know a lot about us! The Reader's Digest put together a fascinating list of things our dogs know about us, including when we don't like someone, when we've had a fight with our spouse, or even if we have cancer.
Has your dog ever displayed an uncanny ability to know what was going on with you? Tell us about it below!

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