Newborn mini horse looks down at new bedding and reacts in the most adorable way

There's an old cowboy saying that a horse adds $100 to his value for every roll he completes in one rolling session. If that's true, the young miniature horse seen in the video below is worth a fortune in cuteness!
Horses roll for various reasons. Rolling helps dry irritating sweat and provides a layer of dust or dirt that protects the animal from biting insects. A good roll is relaxing and allows a horse to stretch her legs without bearing the weight of her body. Equine chiropractors believe that rolling naturally straightens out minor spinal misalignments, reports Equusite.
Most of all, it seems, horses roll just because they love the way it feels! Oberon, the miniature horse in the video, certainly enjoyed moving from place to place in the stall he shared with his mother. In just two and a half minutes, he found several suitable spots to happily stop, drop and roll.
As a miniature horse, Oberon stood only 19 inches (48.25 centimeters) high at birth. He was born in May of 2014 and has since grown into quite a "stinker," according to his owner's comments on the original video.
But really, who doesn't love a good roll and stretch in a comfortable bed?
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