Owner throws toy at dog. Dog's next move is brilliant (video)

This is such a cute and talented pup we can't handle it. Watch this amazing viral video - he dives to the bottom of the pool and retrieves pool toys like it's no big deal!
Have you ever wondered why dogs love water and cats don't? This dog is such a natural it got us wondering. Well, according to Live Science, no one really knows! But they have a few theories. Some people think it might be because the cat coats are thicker, and take so much longer to dry that it's just uncomfortable to be soaking wet.
Also, cats are just kind of picky and water is a bit unpredictable. Sounds like it could be a mix of both!
Part of the reason this lab is so great at this underwater fetch game is, of course, as Your Pure Bred Puppy says: he's a retriever! He's got a really strong retrieving instinct that just drives him to go and fetch whatever you want - and some things you don't want.
If you have any friends that would appreciate this water-loving pup, share this video with them! And if you have a dog at home that knows any awesome tricks, let us know in the comments below.

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