How to amuse your dog without doing any work (video)

Do you have one of those dogs that wants to play the second you get home, and all you want is a nap?
This video is for you.
Behold, the no-work, no-stress, all-fun dog toy: a laser pointer attached to a dog's collar. As you can see from the video, the little guy is so into it! And after following your dog around and filming the hilarity, you can take that nap you wanted. Win-win!
But before you get too excited, it's best not to rely on this method very often, just an occasional fun game. According to Live Science, the light activates your pup's prey instincts - but your dog can get pretty frustrated with only chasing and never catching.
Not to worry though! The Dogington Post suggests randomly hiding treats around the house, so that when you point the laser at the spot, your dog gets a reward as a treat.
Do you have any fun or unique games you play with your pup at home? Tell us about them in the comments below! And pass around this video for a laugh with your friends.

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