Tiny parakeet is very chatty

Did this parakeet break into the sugary hummingbird feeder? Well, we're not sure. But, you might think so after watching this hyper, talkative bird light up the screen.
In the viral Youtube video, viewed over 1.6 million times, this tiny little parakeet talks up a storm - spitting out cute phrases at the speed of light. At first, you can hear him squeaking and squawking, but then he starts to say things like, "baby bird" and "pretty birdy" with whistles in between.
The entire time he switches between those and a few other sayings, tilting his head and nibbling his friends finger. He even asks his friend, "what'cha doing?", and "what's up?" when they start moving their finger.
The video has brought smiles to hundreds of thousands, so you won't be disappointed! Be sure to check out the video right here below.
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