Remove dog hair from your car like it's nothing with this one simple trick

Many dogs do well riding in vehicles, and their families love having them on trips. But, dog hair can really do a number on the seats of a car! If you don't clean it up, the next unlucky passenger will have a parting gift to take with them (all over their favorite jacket, of course.)
Pet hair is notorious for sticking to places you don't want it to be, and it's also notorious for being a bit difficult to remove from the carpet in a car.
The video below, from smjanows, illustrates how to use rubber gloves to remove stubborn pet hair. You'll want to choose rubber gloves that have a bit of traction on the fingertips. (Snag two pairs if there is a lot of hair to remove!) Then, using a glove-covered hand, wipe the dog hair into a large pile in the carpet and use a vacuum to make it disappear.
While rubber gloves are an easy, affordable way to get rid of pet hair, here are a few other ideas you can try:
Balloons: Hot Dog Collars, recommends snagging a balloon from your party supplies. Inflate the balloon and then rub it over the hairy area. The static electricity will pull the hair from the carpet to the balloon.
Furminator: This tool, recommended by Rover, is touted as a pet hair vacuum cleaner. The vacuum is designed to remove excess pet hair from your pet, reducing shedding and the amount of time you need to spend cleaning up around the house or in the car.
Duct Tape: Roll a bit of tape around your hand (sticky side out) and press it into the hairy carpet. The tape will pull the pet hair up for easy disposal. Depending on the mess, you may need to repeat the entire process several times.
Keep Fido in a Kennel: The surest way to keep pet hair out of your car is to make your furry friend ride in their kennel in the car. As an added bonus, a kennel will help keep your dog safe.
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