Dog was chained to wall for 8 yrs, but then rescuers stepped in

For eight long years, Lola was chained to the wall of a dirty garage. With little protection from the heat, rain, and other natural elements she was resigned to live out her dog days with no freedom and no comfort. Fortunately, a caring crew rescued Lola from the garaged and prepared her for her new, happier life.
The AMA Animal Rescue rescued the Pit Mix from a dusty garage cell where she was chained to a concrete floor and starved. Rescuers came to pick her up and her owners didn't object (they wanted her "out of the way")
When Lola was first rescued, she had a large tumor on the back of her leg. Veterinarians also discovered more tumors on her mammary glands. Happily, Lola was a lucky dog and the tumors were benign. They were removed with no complications.
Since her rescue, she has been reintroduced to humans and other animals and recovered from her physical wounds. Lola had a potential family lined up to adopt her, but the adoption fell through. As of publication, she is still awaiting adoption. If you want to learn more about this sweet dog, visit AMA Animal Rescue for more information.
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