8 surprising reasons why your dog should sleep next to you at night

Curling up with your favorite canine pal may feel a bit odd, especially if you're used to sleeping alone. And while people with allergies may have trouble sleeping with Fido, there are plenty of other good reasons you should consider scooching over and making extra room in the bed.
1. Dogs reduce stress:
Physical touch helps increase the production of oxytocin, (which lowers blood pressure and reduces stress), according to Everyday Health. Studies suggest that the simple acting of touching something can promote happiness and distract us from everyday bothers.
2. Canine friends can ease depression symptoms:
In addition to promoting the production of oxytocin, dogs actually serve as a distraction. The responsibility required to groom, walk, feed and train a dog is a great way to increase the feel-good emotions that help reduce feelings of depression, according to Psych Central.
3. Your dog loves the attention:
There is evidence that dogs enjoy a good cuddle just as much as their human counterparts. They are sensitive to human emotions. That snuggle session at bedtime is a good indication that your furry friend loves you just as much as you love him.
4. Dogs help kids with learning disabilities:
Kids with learning disabilities sometimes have a hard time concentrating and/or verbalizing their needs. A dog's sensitivity to human emotion can help calm an anxious child and provide a tool for communication, according to The Sleep Judge.
5. They're warm:
This may seem a bit nitpicky, but extra body warmth is hardly a bad thing when you're trying to get cozy at night. Lower the thermostat (and save on the electric bill ka-ching!) and snuggle close with your warm-bodied furry friend instead.
6. You could sleep better:
A study from the Mayo Clinic showed that roughly 41 percent of people who slept with their pets said they slept okay or better when their pets snuggled up with them. The study even recommended that doctors should consider whether companion dogs would be beneficial to patients who had trouble sleeping.
7. Dogs make you feel safer:
Your furry canine friend is a smart pal to have around. Not only are dogs amazing companion pets because of their sense of smell (and ability to detect potential medical problems), they're can be protective of their owners. Whether it's the feeling of their presence next to your body or the idea that they offer a bit of extra protection against outside dangers, many people report that they sleep better because they feel safer, according to Today.
8. Dogs provide good companionship:
Dogs are commonly used as therapy pets because they are gentle, loyal and non-judgemental. Everyday Health reported that nursing home residents who were particularly prone to loneliness said they felt less alone after visiting with a canine companion. Sometimes you just need someone to love you for no reason! ​

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