18-year-old blind dog meets first person at shelter. These photos say it all

Muneca, an 18-year-old dog, sightless and covered in fleas captured the hearts of thousands, thanks to the wok of a gifted photographer and the compassion of a volunteer at the facility. The disoriented dog found a friend in Elaine Seamans, who provided physical comfort for the lonely canine.
John Hwang, a photographer based in LA had stopped by the shelter to take photos of the homeless dogs. When he saw Muneca and Elaine, he knew he needed to capture the moment.
"Ultimately, the person who sees the photo-- I want them to feel something. I want them to feel a connection. If I can capture the right sort of connect, then the person who sees the image will feel it too," Hwang told the Dodo.
After the photo of Muneca clinging to Elaine went viral, a San-Diego based organization took Muneca from the shelter and got her medical treatment, according to Pet Rescue Report.
Muneca was eventually adopted, though many other dogs are still looking for their forever home. You can learn more about animals in need of new homes via the Frosted Faces Foundation.

Love comes in all forms, and especially in the form of rescue pets.
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