Dog sat in shoebox for months waiting to be rescued, and then they finally came

A lonely dog spent weeks living in a box on the porch of a house. After weeks of watching this dog sit, a passerby asked the owner of the home if the three-legged dog belonged to them, they said no. The residents of the home had been feeding the dog but couldn't care for her permanently.
Hope for Paws received word about the dog and the set out on a rescue mission.
The small dog looked at the rescuers inquisitively, barely moving as they slipped lease around her neck. The dog was given the moniker "princess" Ruby, wrapped in a blanket and taken away for a warm bath and checkup.
Princess Ruby was severely anemic and was hospitalized for weeks after her rescue so she could receive proper treatment. Watch the video below to see more of Princess's rescue video.
Princess, a chihuahua mix, is still available for adoption from Smooch Pooch Rescue at the time of publication. A quiet family located in Southern California (for medical purposes) would be the best fit for this sweet dog.

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