Woman gave this stray dog a home to die in, but a remarkable event happened instead

The outlook for Billy was grim. He had been neglected nearly to the point of death. A woman had stopped him near the train tracks in Greece. She posted what she saw in a video, embedded below.
It seriously looked like a scene out of a horror movie. Not real life.
If it weren't for one dedicated woman, he would have certainly died. But in the nick of time, this emaciated, sick stray found a savior.
Valia Orfanidou runs a pet rescue/fostering organization called “The Orphan Pet.” After rescuing sad cases like Billy, Orfanidou rehabilitates them, brings them back to health, trains them to be good home companions, and then watches them walk out of her life.
In this case, it took her nearly 2 months to nurse Billy back to health. "He would eat four times a day and then just go back to sleep. I felt like I had a tiny treasure to protect and nurture, and checked on him a dozen times per day," she writes.
People who read her story and see her videos often ask, “Why don’t you keep him? How can you let him go after all he’s been through. He loves you!” The video below shows why.
One day, something remarkable happened when Orfanidou received an email from 2,000 kilometers away. The email came from a lady named Emma who had been following Billy's story since day one.
"It was the first and only adoption request we ever had for him, but we would have picked it anyway among a million others," writes Orfanidou.
She continues, "Saying goodbye at the airport was one of the hardest things I ever had to do...Billy’s photos (like the ones below) were still my desktop background, my mobile wallpapers, and even my facebook cover."
And Orfanidou has learned that the greatest thing she can do for her beloved canine friends is to let them go, so they can live in their forever home.
When she looks at the healthy Billy now, she doesn't see the Billy she knew. She writes on her website, "My Billy was that tiny, scared and sick creature I fostered those first weeks. The dog I nurtured, and treated and trained. The dog that wagged his hairless tail for me on the fourth day. The dog whose diapers I changed and whose sheets I washed. The dog I couldn’t touch for three weeks without my gloves on. That was mine. And nobody can take that away."
Watch the following video clip for the full story.
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