You've never seen anything like this: the funniest compilation of cockatoos yet

People love their pets, and they often attribute human qualities and meaning to the things they do. Sometimes, they seem even smarter than some of the people one knows.
If you have ever had a parrot or a cockatoo, this video probably won’t surprise you, although you’ll definitely be entertained by it. But if you have never shared your home with one of these intelligent birds, you’ll be amazed by the feathered delights in it.
Beautiful cockatoos can mimic human and other sounds perfectly, barking like a dog, crying like a baby, pinging like a microwave oven and even sounding exactly like a telephone ringing. Research has shown that they actually understand some of what they’re saying, too, using situation-appropriate language.
But when they bob up and down or weave side to side with music, are they actually keeping the beat? In this entertaining video, you can see these white divas doing just that and bobbing their heads, crests up and magnificently waving.
Neurobiologist Aniruddh Patel asserts they are actually dancing to the beat of the music, as proven by the test subject Snowball, a sulfur-crested cockatoo. When the music was played faster or slower, the bird adjusted its dancing to synchronize with the beat. Interestingly enough, this talent is not evident in wild birds, although one Asian elephant in the study could do it.
And it’s not just singing and dancing you’ll enjoy in this video. One inventive cockatoo flings dog biscuits at the two canines that share his home, and one plays on the floor with his four-legged buddy. It seems that cockatoos are more like we are than we ever imagined.
Resources Current Biology

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