Pay attention to when the dog wakes up. Dad's reaction is the best part (video below)

Dogs and puppies. They are our best friends and buddies. They make us laugh with their antics, whether they mean to or not. Like in the first part of the following video, that dog is definitely not a morning lover. But his grumbling, moaning and groaning sure gives his dad a good laugh to start the day.
In the next segment, the family on the patio seem taken by surprise at their German Shepherd’s discovery of his shadow. He is doing what is called a “mouse pounce” or “mouse jump” – a move Canidae use to capture small prey. Later in the video, another German Shepherd sings along with his dad. Or is he complaining that his dad’s off-key?
Some dogs crave our approval and affection and feel it deeply when they don’t get it. They can also react strongly when their favorite person leaves them. Get your tissues handy, for when the one pup finally gets his hug, and when the other one cries for the boy being dropped off at school, it’ll bring tears to your eyes.
Dogs will also dance when they’re really excited (and sometimes their dance catches on). They find the strangest places to sleep, love when they get new things to claim as their own, and accept new experiences with blind trust. Some dogs even have a little trouble distinguishing what’s real and what’s not.
If you’re ready to laugh and have your heartstrings tugged by dogs and puppies, you’ll want to watch the video now.
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