Stray cat enters nursing home and decides she is in charge (pics)

Oreo is not your normal cat. Sure, she enjoys being petted and scratched, but what she does is so much more than lie around and demand attention. She is a therapist of sorts, bringing joy and a sense of home to the residents of the nursing home where she lives in Cleveland, Ohio.
Those who live there say she has taken the place of pets they had to leave behind when they moved into the facility, and they’re happy to have her. Check out the following pictures and video to see what we mean:
Oreo likes to show the residents who's really in charge boss:
St. Augustine Health Ministries
Whether curled up on a bench next to a resident awaiting a ride or sitting at the reception desk greeting guests, Oreo is a constant reminder of how pets can make anyone’s life a little bit happier.
As the video below shows, it’s not only the residents who are glad Oreo is there. The staff loves her, too.
According to Dana Carnes, director at At. Augustine Health Ministries where Oreo lives, “I’m not sure if Oreo was in need of us, or we were in need of Oreo, but she’s a great addition to our family.” Carnes says that staffers often take pictures of Oreo and post them for all to see.
The cat has won the hearts of the neighbors, too. That only makes sense, as she was a stray that made the community her home before taking on her full-time job as feline advisor to the people she loves as much as they love her.
When you watch this special cat, you, too, will become a fan.
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