Man discovers mysterious eggs in his garden, and then one hatches in his hand

Gardening is a popular pastime, and this man got a pleasant surprise for his dedication to his garden! While maintaining his plot, he noticed something unusual in a hollow log.
More than a dozen little oval-shaped eggs were clustered in the protected spot. Glued to the surface, they couldn’t be moved easily without damaging the eggs. He managed to remove a handful from the hideaway anyway. Notice the flat spots on the eggs where they were glued down.
When one of the eggs started hatching, he must have been startled, but he waited patiently and received an amazing reward. What crawled out was the tiniest gecko he’d ever seen! All baby animals are cute, but this little guy really takes the cake.
Geckos are actually desirable inhabitants of any garden, as they consume large quantities of bugs that might otherwise harm your plants. They eat virtually any kind of bug but seem to prefer roaches, crickets, mosquitoes and ants. Geckos live for several years, and once they’ve become established in one spot, they tend to stay. So how do you attract these natural pest-control agents to your own garden?
You’ll need some shady spots that provide warmth and protection for the geckos to lay their eggs. In this photo, you can see several clutches (a clutch is two eggs) in this hollow log.
The protected areas should also provide many bugs, so a garden is an ideal spot. Lots of ground cover that's irrigated attracts these fascinating creatures. If you leave a bowl of water in the garden, the geckos will come and drink from it.
Geckos love places to hide, as they are shy and will likely scuttle off to their hiding places when you are near. They also need someplace to go when they're threatened by cats, birds, snakes, frogs and larger reptiles. If captured by the tail, the gecko has an amazing defense mechanism: the tail comes off! But amazingly, it continues to move, which distracts the predator long enough for the gecko to escape into hiding. Then the tail grows back.
If you have a garden and want to protect it from insects, be sure to provide hiding places for these little lizards.They work cheap and bring big rewards!
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