Come see this stunning creature. Here's why most people call it 'the most beautiful horse in the world'

When you see pictures of this beautiful horse, you'll understand why they are known as the most beautiful horse in the world. From the shimmering golden hair to the long blond tail, this horse is simply stunning.
The so-called "heavenly horse" is also thought to be one of the oldest horse breeds in the world. They were bred by the Teke tribe and are used by Turkmenistan as the national symbol.
See why they live up to the title:
These beautiful horses are known for the unique metallic sheen to their coats. They go by the name "Akhal-Teke."
They are also bred for endurance and intelligence. They've got the whole package!
It's no wonder that they're also referred to as "golden horses."
It's claimed that their unique cream color helped as camouflage in the desert. We don't really care, we love it either way!
If you were wondering, their manes are not shaved. They are naturally very short!
Of course, all horses are beautiful, but it's clear why this one is seen as one of the best.
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