6 pictures proving why the smallest horse in the world is so crazy adorable

Okay, we love tiny things. As cute as normal-sized animals are, we can't help but say, "Aww" more over the tinier ones — and the tinier the better!
That's why we couldn't contain ourselves when we saw this tiny horse. This little guy is so cute and curious, and such a handful! We love it. Take a look at these pictures for proof!
This is Einstein spending time with his family:
He made a friend!
Quality time with mom:
What's that? It's almost as big as me!
Here he is loving the pets and the grass.
Could he get any fluffier? What a cutie.
We sure hope Einstein put a smile on your face! Don't forget to share him with your friends and family, and watch the video below to see him in all his stumbling, one-day-old glory!
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