85-year-old lady hears noise from around the house. Soon, discovers she will need find help fast

It's not every day that you get the opportunity to save an animal from distress, but 85-year-old Gwen Maxwell got just that chance. According to CBS, Maxwell was leaving her home when she happened to see what she thought was a small dog struggling to walk.
Upon further inspection, she not only realized the "dog" was really a baby coyote but that the poor animal was covered in cacti.
Acting quickly, Maxwell contacted her neighbor for help. She knew it was the animal's only chance at getting out of such a predicament. Maxwell told CBS, "He'd get up and tumble around with all those chollas on him, and it was just so heartbreaking,"
Because the baby coyote was completely covered in cacti, it's no wonder that Maxwell made the mistake of thinking it was a dog.
Interestingly enough, the coyote had not been abandoned by his mother. In fact, she was nearby watching the entire rescue. Maxwell told CBS, "She kept coming back and holding a vigil in my backyard."
Fortunately, two men from a neighboring golf course arrived to help. Maintenance worker Jose Soto and Assistant Superintendent Shawn Bordine used pliers to carefully pull each cactus from the animal's face and body. Surprisingly, the coyote cooperated and remained silent and still throughout the entire process. Perhaps he understood they were there to help.
Once all the cacti were removed, there was no debating the cuteness of this little guy! Once free, he immediately reunited with his mother. It was a terrific end to a really scary situation.
There's no doubt that without Maxwell's quick response, this could have ended much differently. Be sure to share this feel-good story with your friends!
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