Dog waits patiently each day for mail. When there's no mail, mailman knows just what to do

Statistics show that postmen like Martin Studer get bitten by dogs about 6,000 times per year. Some have resorted to bringing treats to the dogs on their routes. But Studer has a different tactic.
Studer, who lives in Brisbane, Australia, knows that lots of people have their dogs trained to bring them mail. Pippa, the Golden Retriever, is one of them.
Studer enjoys the daily routine of handing letters and packages to Pippa to carry inside to her owners.
Pippa excitedly awaits the postman’s arrival everyday, so she can perform her duty. With a doggy smile on her face, she greets him with joy at their daily meetings.
Unfortunately, he doesn’t always have mail for Pippa to carry inside. Loathe to disappoint the gentle, golden dog, Studer knows exactly what to do.
“Sometimes, Pippa comes out for the daily delivery but there’s no mail for her to collect,” Studer wrote. “So I have to improvise.” Pippa’s “mail” is a postage slip that reads “Mail for Pippa” and includes a couple of hearts, showing how fond Studer is of her.
Pippa gently and gratefully receives her mail and takes it in. She absolutely loves doing her job, and Studer simply can’t fathom disappointing her.
Although Pippa isn’t the only dog who collects mail from Studer for her family, she is by far his favorite. He enjoys all the dogs on his route, and none of them want to take a bite out of this friendly postman who definitely goes the extra mile!

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