Puppy spent 12 hours in ditch after being hit by car. Then, things luckily took a turn for the better

In early January, rescue workers found Nutmeg, a 7-month-old shepherd lying in a ditch. She had been hit by a car knocked into the ditch. Two teenage boys discovered the dog while they were skateboarding and contacted rescue workers.
Once rescue workers arrived, the two teenagers helped re-find Nutmeg, who had sunk deeper into the snow. The rescuers suspect that she spent more than 12 hours lying in the snow before she was found, according to the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society.
The crew from the AARCS rushed her to an emergency veterinarian where she was treated for a fractured pelvis and other minor injuries, according to AOL News.
Nutmeg spent six weeks on bed rest, recovering from her fractures. She was given lots of "treats, kisses and back scratches," during her recovery. Ten weeks after her harrowing experience, Nutmeg was adopted by a family. She is enjoying play time with her new family.
"Nutmeg's life would surely have been lost if it were not for two teenage boys..." according to the AARCS.
Commenters on the Facebook praised to the unnamed rescuers (who were both under age) for their bravery and quick thinking.
"[It's] so heart-warming to hear that teenagers cared enough to go the extra mile to help," Deb Jones Okura commented.
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