This dog helped her friends to safety following an unexpected encounter

Momo, a quirky shepherd mix living in Canada, just saved the day at Banff National Park in Alberta. Kenzie Campbell, a friend of Momo's owner, says he took the pup to the park with his girlfriend and another friend, and just as their walk had gotten underway, they spotted trouble.
After turning a corner, Campbell says they spotted a bear. When they tried to retreat out of the woods, the bear followed them, and even began to charge.
Momo must not have liked that her friends felt threatened, so she barked and growled at the bear to distract it while her human companions ran back toward the parking lot.
Smarter than the average bear, Momo helped her friends reach safety to call the police. Turns out, the bear is a six-year-old female who is quite used to hikers showing up in her woods, and was probably just spooked by Momo and her friends. Although a spokesperson for Parks Canada doesn't think she poses any threat to humans, it's best to keep dogs on leashes to ensure their safety.
Luckily, no one was harmed and Momo was hero of the day, earning herself plenty of well-deserved belly rubs.

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