10 reasons why curly-haired horses are the most stunning horses that nobody talks about

People sometimes forget that while a lot of horses have straight hair, their hair has variation just like us humans! Yes, indeed — curly-haired horses exist, and they are gorgeous.
The following 10 pictures showcase some of the most unique and beautiful curly-haired horses out there. As you scroll along, you'll discover some fascinating facts about these beautiful creatures, so keep reading.
Did you know these horses are hypoallergenic? It's true. Their hair has no protein, which makes their dandruff form differently. People who are allergic to other horses aren't allergic to the curlies.
Doesn't that coat look warm? It is! The curliness adds warmth.
They've been around for a long time. The earliest documentation of curlies is in the early 1800s.
Going back even further, they've actually been found in Chinese artwork from 161 A.D.
The Sioux tribe considered these horses sacred and reserved them for the chiefs and medicine men.
If you thought your hair loss was bad, it's got nothing on these guys. Many of them shed so much, they go almost bald in the summer!
Even their ears are curly. So cute! And this is actually the best way to identify a curly.
Their hooves are super durable, and really only need shoeing for rough terrain.
Their hair can be spun into yarn. Curly hair sweater, anyone?
They often have something called a "double-mane," which means the mane goes down both sides of their back.
Hopefully, you learned something interesting and enjoyed aww-ing over these adorable horses. Share the newfound knowledge with your friends and family who love horses as much as you do.
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