Woman spots dog trapped in hot car. Owner comes back and makes ridiculous remark

We all love our dogs (that's why we're here). They're our best friends, they play with us, and they're our lifelong companions. We care a lot about treating them well and making sure they're happy.
Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to do that the right way. One very common way dogs pass out is through heat stroke and dehydration from being left in the car. As PETA explains, it may be a warm 80 degrees outside, but within minutes, the inside of the car can reach a roasting 100 degrees.
That's exactly what could have happened to this precious chocolate lab.
A woman in Cleveland, Ohio noticed this older dog visibly struggling in the hot car and called the police. Legally, she could have broken into the car to save the dog.
A new bill passed just last year allows people to legally break the window of a car to save a dog or a baby, within reason, as Cleveland.com reports.
In this case, the dog's owner approached the officer before he was able to get the door open. They explained to her that her dog was suffering in the heat and could have died, to which she responded with a heartbreaking, "Okay?"
We're hoping she was just flustered and startled and will take the lesson in the future to take better care of her pup.
Don't forget to watch the video below to see the interview with the heroic woman who saved this pup's life and more information about how to keep your pup safe. Share this with your friends and family to raise awareness!
Resources PETA and Cleveland.com

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