Can you spot what this horse's marking really is? These pictures show off this stunning horse

When Wendy Bulmer of North Yorkshire purchased a mare at auction to add to her riding school, she didn’t know the mare was in foal (pregnant). As the horse got fatter and fatter, it became obvious that a little one would soon join the stable. At first, Wendy was not thrilled. She had, after all, bought the mare to be a riding horse for her students.
Nevertheless, when this special foal was born, Wendy and all her students promptly fell in love with him. And who wouldn’t? He’s a very special colt, indeed!
Watching “Da Vinci,” otherwise known as “Vinnie,” you might think you’re seeing an optical illusion. His spectacular markings are no less impressive than his namesake’s works of art!
Traveling up his left shoulder and onto his neck is a perfect silhouette of a running horse! As though stamped with another horse, Vinnie’s beautiful coat is a show stopper. The horse image perfectly depicts another horse and as it travels up his shoulder and onto his neck, the mane seems to be flying out behind it, merging into Da Vinci’s mane, too.
He was born at the beginning of May at Flying Hall riding school at Robin Hood's Bay, North Yorkshire. Although he was unexpected, he has won the hearts of the children who ride there and captured the heart of his owner as well.
Lots of horses have white markings on their bodies; they’re called Pintos. But it’s unusual to have the spots actually look like the image of something recognizable.
Not only does Da Vinci have the gorgeous running horse with the flying mane on his shoulder, he has a perfect heart shape on his hindquarters, too.
That’s one special foal, and he’s destined to make lots of friends and admirers. Are you one of them? After you see this video, you’ll want to share it with your horsey friends!
Resources Daily Mail
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