Owner tosses her horse a ball, but never anticipated his crazy antics

Young horses often act like puppies, and this chestnut youngling is no exception. His owner tossed him a blue ball, and he took to it like a fish to water. His youthful exuberance is hilarious to watch as he races around the pasture with his prize held tightly in his teeth.
Merriam-Webster defines “horse play” as rough or boisterous play. I guess Buster, the horse in the video below, is a living, breathing, ball-catching example of the definition. In fact, M-W could put his picture next to the definition!
So do horses actually play? This one sure does. He loves to romp around, kicking the ball and snatching it up in his teeth, only to frolic away with his toy. Pure joy is evident in his playing.
Buster’s pasture-buddies seem less interested in what he’s up to and much more interested in eating grass, but Buster knows how to let down his hair!
If you want to see your horse behave like Buster, then be patient when trying new toys with him. Playing like this may seem unnatural to your horse, but given time, many will explore the toy and eventually begin to play with it.
Your horse may like to kick and toss a ball in the air. Or, he may prefer a smaller ball that he can pick up in his teeth and race around with it, like Buster does.
Some of our equine friends seem to enjoy pushing a larger ball around, like a human exercise ball, for instance.
The important thing is to provide a sturdy ball that can put up with the abuse the horse will give it. If it deflates, be sure to get all the pieces out of the horse’s area, so small ones don’t end up being swallowed.
Show this entertaining video to your horsey friends, and I bet you can talk some of them into trying it with their own horses. Will you give your horse a toy to play with?
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