Meet Mufasa, an old, terrified senior dog. Read his amazing rescue story.

At a time in his life when he should have been cherished and indulged, one senior dog found himself abandoned in a dangerous place.
Mufasa, a long-haired, elderly, sickly, maltreated dog was found dumped at a water treatment facility in Los Angeles. He had been living in disgusting, life-threatening conditions, amongst the sewage and chemical tanks.
Eldar Hagar, JoAnn Wiltz, and Lisa Arturo of Hope for Paws were called in to help Mufasa, but they quickly determined that this rescue would involve some extremely dangerous conditions.
The rescuers had to coax Mufasa away from the open tanks he lived near, tanks that contained hazardous chemicals. Hagar told the Huffington Post that if Mufasa fell "into one of the pools, the filters would just suck him in and there’s nothing [we] can do."
But Mufasa wasn't quick to trust these strange people, so they patiently tossed bits of hamburger toward him, hoping he would come closer. And he did! Slowly, Mufasa realized that the rescuers were there to help him, and although initially surprised by being collared, he showed no aggression, only wariness, and confusion.
After the daring rescue, Mufasa received a much-deserved bath, grooming, and vetting, all while wagging his tail and smiling happily. This old boy found out that there were loving, compassionate people out there who cared about him. Hagar says, “He became the sweetest thing. You can see how happy he is, he’s like a puppy now. He’s so happy to be alive and well.”
Watch the video of Mufasa's amazing rescue and recovery below.
Mufasa was taken in by Lionel's Legacy, a senior dog rescue in San Diego. They hoped that Mufasa would be fostered or adopted and given a chance to live out his last years surrounded by comfort and love.
On their Facebook page, Lionel's Legacy shared the happy news about Mufasa's adoption into a loving family. He even has a new dog brother named Scout. Clearly, the two are best buddies.
And with the care and love he has received, he looks like a brand new dog. We're so happy for you, Mufasa! Keep smiling, buddy!
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