Do people fear pit bulls? Man's social experiment captures people's true feelings on camera

Ryan Hamilton of decided to try a social experiment to assess how misinformed the general public is about the American Pit Bull Terrier.
As Hamilton notes in the video, the top three most aggressive dogs are the Dachshund, the Chihuahua, and the Jack Russell terrier. However, he believes that due to the improper portrayal of the pit bull in the media, many people think that the pit bull is "a horrible, violent, and aggressive breed."
Hamilton wanted to see the difference in how people treated him when he walked a pit bull versus when he walked an Australian Shepherd. His social experiment proved, sadly, to be more than accurate.
Most people viewed Hamilton and the dog with mistrust and skepticism, some moving far out of the dog's way, in an exaggerated fashion.
After giving Kano, the pit bull, some water and some refreshing ice cream, they walk by a bench where Kano elicits this comment from one man: "Wow, man, those dogs are vicious, dude." Another man says that he believes "people make [pit bulls] that way," and "It should be shot."
At one point in the experiment, a security guard asks Hamilton to take the pit bull off of his property, saying that it's "the breed, it's they're aggressive dogs. We just don't want them on the property."
Hamilton defends Kano by pointing out that "any dog can be aggressive."
Ironically, when walking Molly, the Australian Shepherd, near that same business a week later, the same security guard raised no objection to this breed of dog and denied that he ever said that dogs weren't allowed on the property. People reacted positively to Molly despite the fact that Australian Shepherds rank lower than American pit bull terriers in regards to a calm, friendly, tolerant temperament.
Apparently, Hamilton's social experiment exposed some people's prejudice toward pit bulls. People were more than willing to pet Molly and feed her treats out of their mouths, but the same could not be said for Kano.
Hamilton's experiment was designed to show how a dog can be judged by its breed. Unfortunately for pit bulls, this prejudice leads them to suffer a high rate of euthanasia, with almost 2,800 pit bulls put down per day.
Watch Hamilton's enlightening video below and help spread the good word about pit bulls with your friends and family on Facebook. Save a pittie by sharing this video!
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