10+ animal expressions that perfectly capture the joys of motherhood

Motherhood. It's a beautiful, wonderful miracle that you wouldn't trade for the world. After all, you made life! You made tiny little you's that you love unconditionally.
Sometimes, though, kids can be a handful. We all know the feeling, whether seeing it or experiencing it - the tantrums in the grocery store, the fits, the refusal to nap or bath. We like to think that animals experience some of the same emotions we do - the joy, but also the frustration and the "what on earth did I just do" moments.
So here's a collection of hilarious, adorable, and totally relatable pictures of new moms:
1. This mom is so visibly over it, it's like we can read her mind. "How on earth did I have seven of these? I am so tired. When do they start preschool?"
2. This is the picture that belongs with the phrase, "this is my life now". She's clearly just resigned to being climbed on for the foreseeable future.
3. Getting to sit in your favorite spot in peace? Not with kids you don't.
4. Finally, they're asleep. Now we can sleep for...maybe 45 minutes. If we're lucky.
5. She's asleep at the wheel! That's a tired momma cat. But that's okay, the kittens have it under control.
6. Another "this is my life now" mixed with a little "what have I done" and "why is my face a bed?"
7. When will it end? They just keep feeding and feeding. Please make it stop.
8. This mom looks a little...stressed. You know that grimace you give when you're just barely holding it together? That's where she's at right now. You would be too if you had to carry all seven of your kids on your back!
9. This seems like a first-time mom who didn't know exactly what she was getting into.
10. This momma pup looks so dejected we feel bad for her. She has 11 or so happy and full little nuggets, but it looks like she could really use a nap.
11. That is some strong backtalk and sass that little one is giving his mom. We have a feeling she's not going to stand for it, don't you?
12. "What do I do? How did I get here? It's so small!" We imagine that's what this adorable mom is thinking about as she's panicking in this picture. Don't worry momma, you got it!
As amazing as motherhood is, it's definitely an emotional rollercoaster. We love that these animal moms were able to capture all the emotions that come with motherhood!
Which one was your favorite? Don't forget to share this with your family and friends who could use a laugh, and your mom-friends that can relate!​
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