10 cats who have adorable miniature version of themselves

If one cat is cute, two is adorable, right? Well get ready for a whole lot of adorable, because these cats have amazing little versions of themselves!
Some of these are their kittens, some are siblings, and some are just coincidental twins. We don't know about you, but we like the unrelated cats that look alike the best - it just seems like fate.
Take a look at these amazing cats with their mini-me's!
1. Tabby twins! Aside from the obvious size difference, we can barely tell them apart. When the little one gets older we bet they'll be indistinguishable.
2. These two practically disappear into each other! They're so cute and we bet they're an amazing pair on Halloween.
3. Kitten see, kitten do. We love that this little one is trying to help its mom reach the counter! Maybe if she stands on her mom's head...
4. This two are so similar it's almost unbelievable. Those are some strong dominant genes!
5. Polka dots for days! We don't see spots like this on cats very often, so we live that the big one and the little one both share it. So cute and so unique!
6. These twins are stunning. They have such an amazing defined striped fur pattern, and they look almost similar!
7. These two are so cute it's ridiculous. This guy is pushing around his mini me in a shopping cart!
8. The little one is looking up like he can't believe how much the big one looks like him. It's like looking in a bigger mirror!
9. You can really see how similar they are from the back! Look how similar their stripes are, even on their head!
10. Orange twins! The markings on their head are so similar, and they're both the same beautiful light orange shade. So cute!
We can't get enough of these bigs and littles. What did you think? We love how funny they look! Don't forget to share this with everyone who loves cats as much as you do (if there's even such a thing, am I right?).

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