15 cats with the most unique fur patterns in the world

Cats are pretty recognizable by their breeds - calicos are orange, black, and white, siamese are grey and white, and tabbies are orange. We love them no matter what size, shape, or color they are. But some cats are just born with extra special markings that deserve a little extra attention.
These are some pretty awesome cats. Some look like they have actual human expressions, some have spots that look like things we recognize, and one has fur that spells out a word! Check them out:
1. This little guy looks very serious and disapproving - kind of like a hipster who finds out you listen to mainstream music. That's why he's called Hamilton the Hipster Cat!
2. "I mustache you a question" - that's what this guy looks like whenever you see his face! His mustache is really impressive.
3. You know those Halloween at ears? That's what this cutie looks like she's wearing!
4. This little one looks permanently concerned. We love this pose with him peeking out from behind the couch - he looks very worried!
5. All this little one has to do is look up and you're treated to the sight of this adorable under-the-chin heart. Well we heart this cat!
6. This precious little one is full of love, and all you have to do is look at her side for proof. What a cutie.
7. More love from this inquisitive looking cat! Isn't it amazing how we see hearts in their fur patterns? Truly a unique and special marking.
8. One more heart cat - don't tell the others but this is our favorite. How could you resist that little heart nose and big blue eyes?
9. Part cat, part fox! This cat looks so unique with its bright orange and black fox tail paired with its all-white body. We love those expressive orange eyes too!
10. The swirls on this cat are practically hypnotic, and kind of look like a maze!
11. This amazing-looking cat has a really unique gene anomaly that means she's half one breed, half another! It doesn't always split down the middle of the face, but that just makes her even more unique in our opinion.
12. Kind of like the masked man, this is the masked cat! We love this look, where at first glance she seems to have a mask over the top half of her face. So mysterious!
13. This cutie has been dubbed the inception cat! For good reason too, as her fur is in the shape of a cat within a cat. Talk about one-of-a-kind!
14. This cat is self-labelling! If you look really closely, you can see the word that her fur spells out. Can you see it? We gave you a hint in the first sentence.
15. Talk about another inception cat, this has a really unique looking pattern - it looks like the profile of a cats face! Can you see it?
We hope you enjoyed that collection! We love how amazing and unique cats can look, and how the smallest details in their fur can look like such hilarious and cute things! Make sure to send this collection to your cat-loving friends!

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