A dying stray was found on the streets, finally gets rescued to safety

Homeless stray dogs seem to be a problem the world over, as evidenced by this amazing story of rescue and recovery from Bulgaria. And another fact of life is that there are people who are willing and able to come to the rescue of dogs like Khaleesi.
Her story doesn’t have a history. Knowing what happened to her and why she was homeless, emaciated, and dying is something her rescuers will probably never know. But what’s important is the tale of how she was rescued, and what her life is like now. Here’s Khaleesi’s drama, one sure to warm your heart.
Tony, a worker for the Rudozem Street Dog Rescue in Bulgaria, noticed that someone had posted on their fan page that there was a dog in need of immediate help, although not in the way they usually did. She was emaciated and looked sick, and the poster was concerned that the dog might spread her disease around. They wanted the dog to be caught—and put to sleep. Tony had a better idea.
Since healthy looking strays suffer abuse on the streets, the folks at RSDR knew what this poor animal must be going through, and with hearts as pure as gold, they knew just what to do. With only a rough idea of where she might be, they nevertheless hopped in the car and made the 70km journey, hoping to find her and give her a chance.
They set up a network, linking those who were on their way to rescue the dog with those who might know where she was via text messages from RSDR. Anita manned the computer while Nikolai and Tony started the search. Two ladies, Slavena and Meral, were already onsite, searching for the desperate dog. Then, suddenly, there she was.
When Tony called her, she came straight to him, as if she knew, despite her previous treatment, this person was on her side. The skeletal dog had no hair and was covered in ticks and fleas. Her poor ear was torn and bloody. Her skin was covered with demodectic mange and was very sore.
Finding a name for her was easy. They chose Khaleesi, after a character in “Game of Thrones,” and it seemed to suit her just fine. After driving for several hours, Khaleesi and her rescuers arrived home… only to discover there really wasn’t room at the shelter. That was okay, though, because they wanted to be able to check in on her throughout the night. So without further ado, Khaleesi came home to stay in their kitchen.
The whole shelter pitched in to help the destitute dog. Some of the people from the shelter brought medicines: pain pills, antibiotics, and wormers. She was given a medicated bath, too. The dead skin came off in the water, and they knew that even though it looked hopeless, in a few weeks, the hair would begin to regrow and good food would put flesh on her bones. With a contented sigh, Khaleesi—probably for the first time in a long time—slept peacefully through the night.
In the months to come, Khaleesi would have treatment for her deformed front legs and would be loved by everyone at the shelter. She would show herself to be a well-trained and grateful companion who would thrive with the care given to her.
Her beautiful coat would grow out, and she would learn that there is kindness in the world, even for an outcast like her.
Now that Khaleesi has recovered from her awful ordeal on the street, she is a happy dog. Perhaps no one will ever know her whole story. But this narrative is a tale of hope and survival in an oftentimes cruel and heartless world.
If this story has touched your heart, please share it with like-minded people who know that inside each stray, there is a valuable life, just waiting to be given a chance. Read more about Khaleesi at http://www.streetdogrescue.com/donatehelp.htm.

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