Firefighters deal with a blazing fire, spot brave mother dog risking her own life to save her babies

Protecting one's offspring is a natural impulse that is not limited to human beings. Just ask Amanda, a German Shepard mix, who risked her life to save her ten-day-old puppies caught in a house fire.
Amanda's home in Santa Rosa de Temuco, Chile, caught fire when a car bomb exploded nearby. As firefighters arrived on the scene to battle the blaze, the four-legged heroine went to work to save her kids.
This concerned mother went back into the burning home to bring each one of her five puppies to the nearest place of safety: the firetruck. Amanda carefully carried each pup to the truck before dashing back into the flames to rescue the next little one.
When rescuers approached Amanda to take her and the puppies to the veterinary clinic, Amanda defended her babies by shielding them with her body. Eventually, she allowed the puppies to be examined. One male puppy, in particular, was severely injured in the fire. Amanda worried over the puppy, who was named Amparo; she did not want to be separated from him.
Mother and pups were transported to La Clínica Veterinaria Altamira to receive medical treatment and to recuperate. Sadly, little Amparo's severe burns to his mouth and abdomen proved too much for him to overcome, and he passed away. The other four puppies and Amanda recovered.
Amanda's instincts showed that mothers of all species have something in common: the desire to protect and care for their babies. Share Amanda's heroic deed with your family and friends on Facebook!

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