Watch this flawless performance by horse and master

If you've never seen a horse dance, you're going to want to check out this fun competition performance by Blue Hors Matine, a 9-year-old Danish-bred mare from Denmark and his rider Andrea Helgstrand. The pair absolutely stunned in their 2006, freestyle performance at the World Equestrian Games.
Performing fifth-to-last in the competition, judges were already anticipating that this pair would give the performance of the night. And they did! Side-stepping and half-passing to a medley of tunes including Lady Marmalade, the team had the audience on their feet. ​
The performance by the duo started with a double anti-pirouette and included flawless passages in sync with the music. The passage (a powerful trot featuring high, cadenced steps) is rhythmic and smile-inducing! Matine even gets her tail into the performance, swishing it in circles to the beat of the music.
The judges were left speechless several times during the performance and even called the duo "stunning" and "flawless." ​
The fun routine landed this team the silver at the event, scoring 85.1. They lost out on the Gold medal by 5 points, according to Equisearch. This is one you have to see to believe so make sure to watch the video at the end of the article.
This beautiful performance ends on a sad note. The mare featured, Blue Hors Matinee, broke her left front leg at the knee in 2010. She was later put down when the vet determined her injury could not be healed, Eurodressage reported.
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