When your cat refuses to come inside, but the dog comes in to save the day

If you have kids or pets, you know they don't always listen when you ask them to do something the first time. If you have more than one kid or pet, you can usually count on one of them being extra helpful when the other one is being naughty (almost like they're showing you just how good they are in comparison!)
The animals in this video are no different! After the cat doesn't want to come inside, her dog-sibling takes matters into his own hands.
When the cat refuses to head indoors, the pup snags the cat and tosses her over his back. He then fireman carries the reluctant kitty to where she's supposed to go!
Despite the kitty dropping off his back a few times, the faithful dog scoops the cat back up and continues on his way. Check out the adorable video below!
Cats and Dogs aren't natural buddies ("fighting like cats and dogs" did become a cliche for a reason), but Pet Sit says you can ensure your cat and your dog get along better by matching personalities (a more tolerant cat for a more playful dog etc.)
The owner must have spent a lot of time training her dog to carry the cat so well! Web MD says it take the average dog 4 to 6 months to properly house train. How long do you think it took the owner to train their pup to do this?
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