7-month-old puppy shows off unreal talent at owner's command

There are lots of smart dogs in this world of ours… and then there’s Misa Minnie! At 31 weeks (that’s WEEKS, folks!) of age, Misa can do more tricks than most dogs learn in a lifetime.
It’s apparent that her owner loves her. Hearing her tone of voice as she requests Misa’s cooperation brings a smile to our faces. We know that the voice of her human is one that Misa loves to hear.
On request, Misa joyfully attacks a tower of paper cups, knocking it down with her front paws.
Instead of a commanding “Down!” Misa’s owner says “Can you lie down?” And Misa complies. “Can you go in?” “Can you weave?” asks her human. Misa consents to the request, happily weaving through a line of paper cups.
Misa Minnie is a tea-cup Yorkshire Terrier, the most popular toy dog breed in America, and the second most popular of all breeds. If she’s representative of the “Yorkie,” it’s perfectly understandable why they're so beloved! So tiny, Misa can fit in little spaces and miniature props for her tricks.
The breed is notoriously difficult to housebreak, and can become little tyrants if not properly trained, which makes Misa even more unusual. Maybe other people should take a page from Misa’s training manual! "Take it!" says her owner, and Misa accepts whatever she hands her.
Misa Minnie lives in California with her owner. She likes treats and will perform lots of tricks for them. But the impressive thing is, she doesn’t seem to demand treats after each trick. Her manners are as remarkable as her tricks are! In fact, Misa is so thankful, she prays with her tiny face covered.
Who could resist such an endearing and adorable puppy as this one? Hopefully, as you watch this video, you’ll be inspired to teach your own dog some new tricks. When you do, be sure to post a video on YouTube or Facebook so we can all see!
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