Abandoned dog was left at side of the road, can't wait to kiss her rescuer

This video is a little hard to watch, but it's important. As much as we prefer to think about dogs being loved and cared for as we would care for our own, that's not always the case. For various reasons - financial, moving, children - families can't always keep their precious dogs. According to Do Something, roughly 3.9 million dogs enter the U.S. shelter system every year.
However, while the best option in that case is to surrender them to a shelter, that's not always what happens. Sometimes people abandon their dogs by the side of the road, which is cruel and awful. Sadly, that's what happened to this dog.
The woman recording this video comes across this dog lying by the side of the road. She won't get up, but she's wagging her tail, licking, and making soft whining noises. The woman cautiously approaches her to see what's going on.
Miraculously, despite the cruelty shown to her by her previous owners, this pup had nothing but love. All she wanted to do was kiss and rub her head against her rescuer. Dogs are the best, aren't they?
Thankfully, this Facebook update video shows the sweet girl recovering at an animal hospital and eating a bit, which is great news! The not-so-great news is that she has several fractures on her back leg, which is why she couldn't stand up in the first video. However, she'll have surgery for her injuries and will undoubtedly be showered with love for the rest of her life.
Don't forget to watch the video below, and share this with your friends and family! It's important to spread the word about the horrors of abandoning dogs, and that taking them to the shelter is a much better option.

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