Cops adopt stray dog, helps police practice pat-downs in most remarkable way

With violence increasing in the world—including both terrorist attacks and attacks on police officers—those in authority must be highly skilled and alert at all times. For police, this frequently means “patting down” a suspect when he is considered dangerous and might be concealing a weapon.
The pat-down is a technique that needs more training, according to people who have been subjected to this somewhat humiliating search. But, how do you actually pat someone down, and who wants to be the training dummy?
Dogs aspiring to become partners on the police force must undergo a long period of training before they are officially K9 cops. At least that’s the way it happens for most of them. And then there’s Xerife (Portuguese for “sheriff”), a dog who adopted a police unit in Petropolis, Brazil. One day, he just showed up as if to say, “Reporting for duty, sir!” And thereafter, he was part of the team. He knows where he belongs, and has refused to go anywhere else. One officer tried to take him home and make him his pet, but Xerife escaped and went right back to the police post.
He has a very specific duty, one which the general public should be glad for him to perform. He helps the policemen practice their pat-down technique! With a single word, the dog goes to a wall and places his front feet up on it, patiently waiting for the procedure to commence.
With Xerife around to help his police buddies practice their technique, it is clear that things will be done by the book. While you’re watching the video, what do you think? Should he get his own badge?
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