Dog wants to visit his next door friend, so his owner decides to build a fence window for them (4+ photos)

It has been said that good fences make for good neighbors. But sometimes, the fence that was built to keep things apart can become the very thing that brings neighbors together. Especially when the neighbors are dogs! When one man’s dogs were trying so hard to see the neighbor’s dog by looking between the slats in the fence, he decided to do something to help. That’s when he built a window so the dogs could visit each other and have a friendly chat.
Of course, the pups still enjoy a race along the fence from time to time, but getting to hang out together and actually see each other is something they couldn’t ask for, but are surely grateful to have! It seems to be a trend that people are recognizing just how social dogs are with their own kind. Dog parks are cropping up across the country and Meetup groups are gathering in many cities to have playdates for dogs. Then there’s the increase in doggy daycare centers where people who work have elected to leave their pets during the day so they aren’t alone.
The incidence of fences having windows or portholes for dogs to look beyond their immediate surroundings have created some fun ideas.
Like this “bubble” that allows Fido to see not only what’s right in his direct line of sight, but a little bit up and down the street, too.
Or this window, positioned so the dog can comfortably lie down and watch the world go by.
This one allows the dog to stick his head all the way out, including places for his ears!
A round hole is perfect for this little pug with his barrel shape!
With a bit of paint and a simple frame, you can have a portrait of your dog every time he looks out his window!
Even though you can find dog windows for sale online, it’s really not hard to make your own. What do you think? Does your dog deserve a greater eye on the world? What will you do? Are you the handyman type or the ready-made kind?
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