Owners left dog that was stung by thousands of bees. All dog wanted to do was to be loved

In years past, pitbulls have had a pretty negative reputation. But the fact is, they are among the most affectionate of dogs, and even when mistreated, they still frequently just want to be loved. Thankfully, the bad rap they’ve had is changing, and Stinger is an example of why.
His owners apparently did a lot of things wrong with him. But the one thing they did right was abandon him—at a vet’s clinic. Before you get upset with me, read on. This is the story of Stinger, a ten month old pitbull mix who happens to be deaf.
Dogs love to roll on the ground, and even if Stinger can’t hear, that doesn’t mean he isn’t in all other ways just like other dogs. One day, as he enjoyed a roll on the ground, he was stung by what was apparently thousands of ground bees. With stings all over his body, his owners took him to the veterinarian. After the vet had the opportunity to check him out, he tried repeatedly to call the dog’s owners, to no avail. Eventually it became clear that they had no intention of returning for their pet. That’s when the vet called LuvnPupz, an animal rescue in Michigan.
Carri Shipaila, founder of LuvnPupz, came right over to help Stinger. When she took him to her own veterinarian, the news was even worse. Not only did he have stings all over that were causing an allergic reaction, he was also extremely malnourished and had scabies, a very contagious skin condition, all from mistreatment.
Yet despite the pain and discomfort Stinger was in, all he wanted to do was hug Shipaila with his head in her lap. She describes him as extremely affectionate and gentle.
LuvnPupz is a 401(c) (3) organization in Grand Rapids, Michigan, who rescues and adopts dogs from all over Michigan. Stinger’s story may be unusual in its details, but it isn’t unusual to find dogs that need “furever” homes being cared for and loved on by LuvnPupz people.
Once Stinger has recovered completely from his ordeal and has learned some sign language commands, he’ll be ready to join his forever family. Watch this video to see the rest of his story. And the next time you’re in the market for a pet, consider adoption. You may just save a life!
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